Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uh... no, thank you.

I just want to make a quick public note...

I've gotten some email complimenting my sites and asking if I could please also gleefully "rip to shreds" here on this one a particular movie series (everybody with an "I think these movies stink" page gets requests like that, I suppose). Specifically, could/would I create something delightfully detailed with sarcasm for something in particular, like another House of Wax-style running commentary bit?

I appreciate the interest, but I have to let it publicly be known that, due to the films in question, the answer is a definite no (those individuals will easily guess what's being discussed by the end of this post).

And what is the requested series all these emails are writing about, others may ask? Well, it's for a particular and fairly new horror "franchise" that started back in 2009 which as of this writing only consists of two films with a projected third apparently soon to be added, of which said franchise's name shall deliberately go completely unmentioned here because frankly, if there's one thing that particular franchise does not need, it's more publicity.